EECP Therapy

The EECP Therapy Department
at Cardiology Associates of Altoona

EECP Therapy provides clinically significant relief of angina and symptoms of heart failure that may last for up to several years. Cardiology Associates of Altoona offers the 35-hour EECP Therapy program on an outpatient basis at our office to provide relief from chest pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Treatments are noninvasive and are typically prescribed for one hour each weekday for seven weeks.

EECP Therapy and Relief of Angina / Chest Pain

EECP Therapy Department at Cardiology Associates of Altoona in Altoona, PA

EECP Therapy works to reduce the frequency and severity of angina (chest pain) by increasing the oxygen and blood supply to the heart muscle. It also decreases the workload of the heart during therapy, giving your heart a welcome rest period. You will lay down for your therapy session and be fitted with large inflatable cuffs (similar to blood-pressure cuffs) that will be wrapped around your buttocks and legs. The cuffs inflate from calves to buttocks in between heart beats to assist the movement of blood to the arteries of the heart, and deflate just prior to the next heartbeat. Your therapy is programmed via electrocardiogram to set the proper timing. A sensor will be placed on your finger to monitor your oxygen level, as well as the pressure of the inflations and deflations of the cuffs. You are encouraged to watch TV, listen to music, or nap during the procedure, as desired.

Passive Exercise for a Healthier Heart

EECP Therapy has been described as a “passive exercise,” so you may initially feel more tired than usual for the first few sessions if you do not regularly exercise. We refer to this as the “training period.” However, most of our patients report significant improvements in energy level and overall well-being by their third or fourth week of therapy. Take action for your heart health today. EECP Therapy may give you the boost in energy needed to begin living a more active lifestyle.

The Benefits of EECP Therapy

Many of our patients have mentioned how much they enjoy the benefits of EECP Therapy. Aside from eliminating or reducing the frequency and intensity of angina attacks and heart failure symptoms, EECP Therapy has increased our patients’ energy levels, ability to perform daily living tasks and activities, and generally enabled our patients to enjoy a much better quality of life. With these come a more positive outlook that is beneficial to all spheres of life.

EECP For Those Who Cannot Have a Bypass, Angioplasty, or Open-Heart Surgery

In some cases, our patients are unable to undergo invasive corrective procedures to treat underlying conditions, or may have had a recent procedure only to have their symptoms return. In these situations, EECP offers significant symptom relief. Consult with your doctor to determine if EECP Therapy can help you. You may be a candidate. Our patients include those who have angina (chest pain), whose angina medication no longer provides effective symptom relief, those who have recently had ineffective symptom relief, who should have (but are unable or unwilling to have) open-heart surgery, a heart bypass procedure, stent, or balloon angioplasty. If you do not have any medical conditions that preclude you from partaking in therapy, contact Cardiology Associates of Altoona to learn more about how you can experience significant life quality improvement with EECP Therapy: (814) 942-2411.