Holter and Event Monitors

The Rhythm Management Department is responsible for the 24 hour Holter monitor scans, 14/30 day event monitors, and EECP treatment.

When a 24 hour Holter monitor is worn by a patient, we scan the recording after the monitor is returned, and generate the reports for the doctors to review and make recommendations.  We then call the patient with the doctor’s recommendations.

There are currently 65 event monitors in our department:  25 External Cardiac Ambulatory Telemetry (ECAT) monitors that patients wear for 14 days and 40 loop monitors that patients wear for 14-30 days.  The information from these monitors is sent directly to our monitoring center, using a cellular signal, where it can be reviewed immediately.

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) treatment is utilized for patients with persistent angina pectoris and inoperable CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) to help create collateral to improve myocardial blood flow, relieve symptoms, and improve quality of life.